Aloe Do - aloeDO - Aloe Vera                 Matina Maniati.
                                                                                                                  Organic Farmer - Nursery Aloe Vera.
Aloe vera barbadensis miller organic farming in Greece.
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Ελληνική έκδοση
We can send aloe leaves or aloe plants wherever you are in Greece or in E.U.
Contact us to order the product and quantity you are interested about.

We will send you information about the prices and the way of shipping, and any other information need it.

Ways of ordering: by phone or email.

Payment methods:
I) By cash on delivery (Greece only)
II) By depositing on our bank account (Greece only)
III) By paypal (in Greece and in any other country in E.U.)

Leaves and plants are collected on the day of shipment in order to be fresh, and shipped in a special package that protects them. They usually arrive in 2-4 business days depending on where you are.




Aloe vera barbadensis miller organic farming in Greece.

Matina Maniati. Organic farmer. Nursery aloe vera.

Ματίνα Μανιάτη.

Φύλλα και φυτά αλόης βέρα barbadensis miller βιολογικής γεωργίας. Βιολογική καλλιέργεια αλόης βέρα.